Dr. Thomas Reimer 03/15/2013
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For details about how to obtain these books, see the bottom of this page. This list is under Major Construction.


The addresses of these organizations, where you can order the books, are on the "Organizations" page.


The following periodicals publish news about the history and current life of Carpathian Germans. [Zum Anfang des Dokuments]


The following books deal with the framework of the events that affected Carpathian Germans, and mention them in a cursory way. They are available among else through or

Eisdorf Webpage 2
by Gerhard Hagmeyer, based on the Heimatbuch. Yahoo messes up the webpage link because it's name is so close to mine and I don't know how to fix this. Just type
Zum Anfang des Dokuments]


There is nothing available in English, and very little in German. Although this website does not normally list articles, the dearth of material about Carpathian Germans from the Karpatho-Ukraine makes it advisable to do so.

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Probably most of these publications are out of print. But they may be available by interlibrary loan (Bibliotheks-Fernleihe) from libraries in Germany. Several may be available from the Karpatendeutsche Landsmannschaft, Schloss-strasse 92/II, 70176 Stuttgart, Germany, or E-mail to: Karpatendeutsche
Ask for the price list. The HB and the HiKo can be reached at the same address.
The Organizations listed above are not wealthy. When writing them, include enough to cover return postage--2 dollar bills will do as airmail to the US costs DM 3 or $1.50. When ordering a book from the USA, remember to include adequate money for postage, which is high in Europe (DM 10 for a book by surface mail). To pay, do not use personal checks (cashing fees are very high) or Postal Money Orders (can't be cashed in Europe). Use Money Orders sold by banks. When calculating the amounts in US-$, include the bank fee for changing the currency and cashing the foreign money order. I usually look up the daily rate of exchange in the Washington Post, and then add 15% to cover all fees.

Note: Few libraries in the United States have a Carpathian German collection. Usually, if at all, it is an odd book here and there. But the University of Cincinatti has a decent number of books. Check their catalogue at Langsam Library. When searching any cataloue, remember that the changing fortunes of the area produced a salad of keywords, e.g. Germans--Carpathian Mountains, Germans--Hungary, Germans--Czechoslovakia, Germans--Slovakia.

Die meisten dieser Titel sind wahrscheinlich vergriffen. Eventuell ueber Fernleihe bestellen, oder die Karpatendeutschen Landsmannschaft fragen, ob ein Exemplar dort noch vorhanden ist.